Is abstract
Derives from object


For communicating with a Direct Playback Anim Node, which allows code to tell it to play a given sequence



abstract int AnimationCount { get; }

Get the number of animations that can be used.

abstract IEnumerable<string> Animations { get; }

Get the list of animations that can be used.

abstract float Duration { get; }

The duration of the currently playing sequence (seconds)

abstract string Name { get; }

Returns the currently playing sequence.

abstract float StartTime { set; }

Set the time at which the currently playing sequence should have had a cycle of zero. This will adjust the current cycle of the sequence to match.

abstract float Time { get; }

The elapsed time of the currently playing animation sequence (seconds)

abstract float TimeNormalized { get; }

Get the cycle of the currently playing sequence. Will return 0 if no sequence is playing.


abstract void Cancel( )

Stop playing the override sequence.

abstract void Play( string name, )

Play the given sequence until it ends, then blend back. Calling this function with a new sequence while another one is playing will immediately start blending from the old one to the new one.

abstract void Play( string name, Vector3 target, float heading, float interpTime, )

Same as the other Play function, but also sets a target position and heading for the sequence. Over interpTime seconds, the entity's root motion will be augmented to move it to target and rotate it to heading.