Derives from ValueType
Implements IEquatable<RealTimeSince>


A convenience struct to easily measure time since an event last happened, based on RealTime.GlobalNow.

Typical usage would see you assigning 0 to a variable of this type to reset the timer. Then the struct would return time since the last reset. i.e.:

RealTimeSince lastUsed = 0;
if ( lastUsed > 10 ) { /*Do something*/ }


double Absolute { get; }

Time at which the timer reset happened, based on RealTime.GlobalNow.

float Relative { get; }

Time passed since last reset, in seconds.


override bool Equals( object obj, )
Overrides ValueType.Equals
override bool Equals( RealTimeSince o, )
Overrides ValueType.Equals
override int GetHashCode( )
Overrides ValueType.GetHashCode
override string ToString( )
Overrides ValueType.ToString


bool ==( RealTimeSince left, RealTimeSince right,  )
bool !=( RealTimeSince left, RealTimeSince right,  )
implicit float =( RealTimeSince ts,  )
implicit RealTimeSince =( float ts,  )