Derives from object


bool Enabled { get; set; }

Enable or disable exposure.

float ExposureCompensation { get; set; }

Number of stops to adjust auto-exposure by

float Fade { get; set; }

Set the speed at which exposure fades downwards (diminishes) in response to light changes.

float MaxExposure { get; set; }

Maximum auto exposure scale

float MinAverageLuminance { get; set; }

Set the minimum average luminance. This ensures that certain regions aren't too dim after tonemapping

float MinExposure { get; set; }

Minimum auto exposure scale

float PercentBrightPixels { get; set; }

Set a target for percentage of pixels above a certain brightness. (-1 for default engine behavior)

float PercentTarget { get; set; }

Set a custom brightness target to go along with 'Target Bright Pixel Percentage'. (-1 for default engine behavior)

float Rate { get; set; }

The rate of change for exposure.