A work in progress surf, bunnyhop, and rocket jump gamemode.
Born 4/11/2022
Updated 3/10/2023
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About 🎿

Surf and bunnyhop as enjoyed in Garry's Mod and Counter Strike.

Speedrun Timer ⌛

  • In-depth run statistics.
  • Global and secure leaderboards.
  • World record and personal best replay bots.
  • World record comparisons upon reaching checkpoints.

Mapping 🔨

  1. Open Hammer, build your beautiful bhop or surf map.
  2. Add Strafe entities to your entity tool.
  3. Staged map: place start and end zones for every stage, set the stage number accordingly.
  4. Linear map: place one start and one and zone spanning the entire map, optionally place Checkpoint zones throughout your map.
  5. Add facepunch.strafe to your map's supported games (found in S&box Editor's Addon Manager)
  6. Servers will now include your map in their map cycle.