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About Ghosts of the Zone

After more than a year of development, here is Ghosts of the Zone :) I encourage you to mess around with it and let me know if you find any issues! You can contact me on discord as Fortune#7015 Debug Mode is enabled by default in the lobby settings so you can try out everything. This uses the weapons from the GUNSLINGER mod for STALKER Call of Pripyat (with permission) Check it out here: Recommended Maps: Office Flatgrass (great for testing) KOTH Viaduct (dunno why but all the tfs2 maps look fantastic in this mode) Controls: Movement: WASD Slow Walk: Alt Sprint: Shift Lean Left: Q Lean Right: E Interact: F Inventory: TAB Headlight: Grenade Key (not set by default) Debug Menu: C You can drop inventory items by pressing your drop key while hovering them.


Ghosts of the Zone

An intense realistic shooter set in the universe of STALKER.

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