NPC Zombie Horde
Attack the NPC zombies
Born 9/8/2022
Updated 9/8/2022
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**VERY EARLY WIP** Survive endless Zombie Waves. Loot box spawns after each wave. Zombies will only climb & jump on supported maps. 4 Max Players Recommended Fully Compatible Maps: - Metro - NPC Playground (Test Map) - Thorinium - Stand Your Ground - Desert Ruins Partially Compatible Maps: - Office - The Forest (Slenderman map) Please report any bugs/issues either on github or to Gvarados#8834 on Discord. 🛠 RECENT UPDATES 🛠 8/23/22: - Basic Zombie Climbing (Only works on fully supported maps) - Fixed Pipebomb falling through the world 8/30/22: - Updated Metro, set default map to Metro 9/4/22: - Updated Flashlights