Dimension Test
A buggy little demo with multiple dimensions and portals to go between them.
Born 11/26/2022
Updated 11/12/2022
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techdemo experiment
Something I threw together in a couple of days on a whim. Features: - Multiple dimensions, implemented with SceneWorlds. You don't get teleported to a different part of the map, you're really viewing a different SceneWorld! - Portals for travel between dimensions, implemented with SceneCameras, custom render targets and custom shaders. - Fully procedural sky with a custom shader. Feel free to steal it :) Binds: - WASD for movement, Shift - E to toggle debug overlay - R to regenerate all skies Known bugs/issues: - Only one portal's view is rendered at a time and shared across all that are visible - Objects behind portals in the current dimension are visible "through" the portal - Lights are glitchy and apply inconsistently - Lights take time to enable after spawning in