[What is this] This is a port of the original UCH gamemode into S&Box/Source 2, basically taking the gameplay of the gmod tower version

[How do I play] As Pigmasks: you must turn off the chimera by pressing the button on its back either with your 'Use' key or 'Primary Attack'

As Chimera: you must eat all the pigmasks without being deactivated

-Controls- Pigmask - Primary Attack / Use key = Interact

Chimera - Primary Attack = Bite Secondary Attack = Roar Reload key = Tailwhip

[How can I add maps to this] Make sure your map under "supported games" has rifter.uch_sbox in the field

[Credits] ItsRifter - Programmer/Creator of this version Aska and Fluxmage - OG creators of UCH