About Minigame Manager for TTT

Minigames are round changing effects that last for a single TTT round. This addon adds a minigame manager which let's anyone create their own minigames for TTT by Three Thieves! Just type !minigame or !minigames to open the GUI which shows you all available minigames. Please note you must be moderator or above on your own server to open the UI via text! You can always open the UI via console using the command minigame_toggle_ui.

There are 12 minigames included in this addon, but the code has been designed so creating additional minigame packs is as easy as can be! Just create a class deriving from minigame and you can add any event listeners you want to create a custom minigame. For more information see the example minigames included in the pack (viewable in the github). To make your own minigame addon, make sure to add both thieves.terrotown and smartmario.ttt_sm1minigames as package references for your addon and TTT by Three Thieves as the target game.

Developed by SmartMario1

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Minigame Manager for TTT

Manages minigames for TTT(TT)

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