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Recreation of um um erm um movement in S&Box

sv_autobunnyhopping is enabled by default
sv_airaccelerate is set 150 (cs's default is 12)
maxspeed is set to 1000, for actual games I'd recommend 285-320

source code is available, you can use it however you want (I only ask that you credit me)


21 Days Ago
ok, i delete my fork
32 Days Ago
sus movement going up slopes
34 Days Ago
very cool
43 Days Ago
it feels similar to source
57 Days Ago
I can't wait for Half-Life 2: Source 2!!!!
58 Days Ago
Movement is very smooth and accurate to it's ancestors (Source engine)
good bhop My record 700 u/s xD
2 Months Ago
Good Surf , bad bhop

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