Zombie Survival like you haven't seen before! Combining the best parts from Counter-Strike's ZombieMod & Garry's Mods Zombie Survival, experience a fun survival gamemode on S&Box!

Last Update: 7/5/2023 For full patch notes, please join our community discord server!

NOTICE - In active development. Issues are bound to arise. If you would like to contribute towards development, join our discord server!


Human Gameplay Survive until the timelimit! Push the zombies away using your weapons. Working in a team is your best chance of victory.

Zombie Gameplay Infect humans to grow the horde. You have a ton of HP, but suffer from knockback. Infect everyone to win!


Follow the development of the mode, suggest features, report issues, commands to use in-game and hangout with a fun community at: discord.gg/JVzVaJDHAQ