This is a library to add my shader into your project.


1. Create materials

First of all you need to create materials with shader "vhs" and/or "interlacing". You can tweak different settings (they will be hot updated in game once you hook up the effect)

2. Create Render Hook


using VanderCat.Vhs;

public partial class VhsCamera : RenderHook 
    VhsEffect _vhsEffect = new("materials/vhs_effect.vmat");

    public override void OnStage( SceneCamera target, Stage renderStage )
        if (renderStage != Stage.AfterPostProcess) return;

Note on noise:

it must be a texture with rgba channels filled with noise (or whatever you want really, feel free to experiment)
my texture was just a 256x256 image with noise applied on it in Photoshop and then gaussian blur with size of 1 pixel applied.

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