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About Breakneck Cart Flee

A catastrophe struck your workplace! Fortunately, your training on the proprietary Utility Carts kicks in. You hop into one, hurtling down the highway in the opposite direction. Your goal: outpace the chaos without looking back!

The game is still under development.

A: turn left
D: turn right

There are now ten types of obstacles, nine are predefined and one spawns in front on the player ("What are those things coming from the ground?").  Also, as you go further, the speed of the cart increases.

There are some sounds now, but not many. Unfortunately, there is no music yet. :(


39 Days Ago
This Game is fun as. I try'd to get first place but got second. Its really replayable and I think with a few more additions this game will be great.
41 Days Ago

Breakneck Cart Flee

Get as far as you can in a cart!

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