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Yeah yeah I made a fuckin' DAW. It's incredibly rudimentary and mainly serves as a playground/testing repo for my upcoming SFXR component library. This is made entirely using that library so hopefully it gives you a decent idea as to what kind of audio synthesis stuff is possible in s&box.

- Instrument Rack each with their own Effects Rack
- Unlimited Effects per Instrument, applied in order
- Play notes with your keyboard (A-L keys)
- Draw notes on the Piano Roll, with the ability to change their note length and velocity
- Multi-select capabilities for duplicating notes during music production
- Loop points that loop to the start point once the song has reached the end point
- ADSR Envelope effect that applies after all other effects and controls the attack and release based on note triggers
- 🌐 UPLOAD YOUR TRACKS TO THE **DawNet** 🌐 (Yes i made a microservice for you to upload tracks to and download tracks from as well as give games ratings)

I also made a video showcasing how to get started if anyone is actually interested in subjecting themselves to the torture that is making music in sbox :)

Let me know what you think of all this :P


A Digital Audio Workstation

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