About Home

Home is a social game where you can play minigames and do activities to earn money. You can then spend that money to decorate your character and home! Invite friends to your home and watch videos or play games together in your own space made by yourself, or check out the rooms of other people checked in!

Work in Progress

Please note that this game is a heavy work in progress and is primarily being built by one person (myself) with the help from Eagle One and friends :)

The current map (Staycation Strip) is very WIP and will expand/evolve over time as I create the content I currently have envisioned. Think of it as a test map for now as I program the base game.

The goal for Home is that anyone will be able to create their own sub-communities via servers that host different maps as well as content via addons. If you wish to create your own maps or other content, please let me know as I plan on documenting the process and creating a guide for it.

My main project at the moment is my full-time job working on Turnip Boy Robs a Bank. Please consider checking it out!

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Welcome Home... To your s&box home!

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