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A brick is a mobile device, game console, router, computer or other electronic device that is no longer functional due to corrupted firmware, a hardware problem, or other damage. The term analogizes the device to a brick's modern technological usefulness.
- Wikipedia

Bricked is a new spin on traditional block breaker games from the past, very much in the spirit of Arkanoid. Gain massive combos and dominate the leaderboard as you blast your way through 15+ hand-crafted levels. Power-ups help you along your way to attaining the highest score ever achieved. Do you have what it takes to beat the rest? 

Feel free to leave your suggestion, ideas or comments in the reviews.

A/D - Move the pedal left and right respectively
Spacebar - Fire the ball


31 Days Ago
37 Days Ago
this game is crack
38 Days Ago
i not played that, but i already see i bricked up
40 Days Ago
Addicting! Nice game!
41 Days Ago
It's good. In the next time, you can post changelos in News instead of changing a description
42 Days Ago
Engaging and makes me want to be on that scoreboard
44 Days Ago
fantastic im now a brick
50 Days Ago
51 Days Ago
this game makes me


Break the bricks

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