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♜♞ This game is chess, but not quite simple. Plan your moves. Use different tactics and techniques. Use everything the game gives you. And also compete with other players or increase your experience in the game with AI! Your achievements and victories will put you on the list of game leaders. ♞♜

⚠️Additional information⚠️

♔ The game may contain errors or bugs that were not found during testing. ♔

♕ For the best experience, play together with friends or with other people. ♕

♙ If you have trouble identifying pieces, turn on the display of pieces names in the settings. ♙

♝ For this game, all the models and animations were made by me, and as you can see, the models of the pieces are unusual, associated with forest animals (Exception, horse). ♝

♜ If you need to understand how something works, use the guide book that is on the table at your side. ♜

☆ In the future you can expect the addition of new mechanics, items, etc. ☆

🕹️ Controls 🕹️

Mouse - Left or Right edge to rotate camera.
LMB ( Left mouse button ) - Select & Drop piece || Select & Use special item || Open & Close guide book
Esc - Escape menu


26 Days Ago
33 Days Ago
I tried to play queen's gambit but it turned out that queen and king had swapped places, so it became king's gambit. I love Inscryption-like style of it, but possibility to turn any pawn to a queen looks a bit overpowered.
35 Days Ago
This isn't just a regular chess right xD so I really appreciate some cool additions to it (these new tools which make traditional chess more fun). Look like there is huge amount of job done. Especially I want to draw attention on unique self-made 3d-models - that was not necessary, but fits well!
38 Days Ago
ducc approved
39 Days Ago
I don't like chess, but this job looks good.

Your Turn

Unusual chess

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