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How long can you survive?

Keter Crysis is a survival experience which takes place inside a random generated laboratory, the map layout is completely different each playthrough, leading to endless combinations.


In rooms where the test subject lurks, you MUST find the NV Goggles, a special device capable of counteracting his supernatural abilities, failure to do so will result in user obliteration.

-When you pick up the NV Goggles, the test subject will calm down and sit on the ground.

-Some doors are locked, you have to find a keycard somewhere in the room.



OskarJTD: Coding

R3N10: Coding

JasonSty: Game art and Map Building

Special thanks to DARG367 and de_ancient

Assets from Sketchfab:

"Exit Sign" ( by ZachWilkins1997 is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution (

"SCP-096 Dark Confinement" ( by Nightmare is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution (

"SCP Keycards" ( by Yanez Designs is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution (

"Beanie" ( by oluwaphemi is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution (

"Night Vision Device" ( by TheComicSans is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution (

Music used in the video:

"Malignant" by Infraction
Music promoted by Inaudio:


28 Days Ago
gameplay loop is like a mobile game but i do have a few problems: 1. more sound would be good, since there is no audio i thought the game was broken but it works 2.the items could be gotten before you meet scp 096 and be used when you know he is near said before me and i agree first person would be better but you could just get around that by raising camera a bit and adding a fov slider for people who dont like the fov 4. sometimes scp 096 glitches me out by jumping on my head and throwing me out of the map and then i fall forever so i suggest adding a kill zone below the map. the game is better than anything i could make tbh 5. please hide the item assets and npcs away from the starting room
32 Days Ago
Definitly needs some work, 1. Camera is 3rd person and not first person this makes it hard to actually see what is in-front of you and the whole point of scp-096 is to not look at him, this makes the game alone unplayable. 2. Sounds, there are at most 3 sounds in the whole game, add them, wallkinng crying scp-096, better door sound, maybe some ambience sound like a alarm, 3. the item/inventory mechanic needs to be reworked, its somewhat clunky
33 Days Ago
38 Days Ago
38 Days Ago
Hi guys feel free to leave your reviews! We uploaded a very early version 20 days ago and some people left negative reviews. We invite you to try the game again :)
52 Days Ago
yo thx for the fov thing, hadnt really opened the game on sandbox, and i had only looked at camera by the editor, you a real one
53 Days Ago
It could become a good game, and I see that you are just messing around trying to create something which is good. In terms of character control, I think the player jumps too high and I think the FOV is wayy to low. I also think that you should add stamina to the player running. Not really a game right now, but it still can become something. Game is worth 3 bananas
53 Days Ago
55 Days Ago
and what's the point?
56 Days Ago
not interesting
56 Days Ago
Looks interesting!
57 Days Ago
cant escape

Keter Crysis


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