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Unearthly Technicians

Unearthly Technicians is a survival / horror game where you join your friends in a dungeon exploring adventure. A new dungeon is generated every time you play, giving you an endless amount of dungeons to explore!
Store up on items found throughout the dungeon to raise you crew's ship balance. Climb the leader boards, and make sure not to die deep in the dungeon.

Just pull the lever to land the ship!

Note that the game might take some time to load after you pull the lever. At that time a lot is happening in the background to generate the dungeon. Please be patient, and ignore any messages telling you that S&box is not responding.


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my game crashes when I try to land the ship :(
good clone of In This House
good clone of lethal company

Unearthly Technicians

Find loot in procgen dungeons

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