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Press Q in game to see controls.

To make a burger, grab a raw patty from the fridge, and place it on the hob. Quickly grab a burger bun and combine it with the patty once it's cooked. Hopefully you didn't burn the patty! 

To serve a customer, you must first let them sit down and decide what they want. The menu is extensive, so it takes them a few seconds. Act on them to take their order. 

Tables must be cleared before customers will sit at them. Clean the dirty dishes in the sink. You're fat so be careful not to eat the customers.

Credit to Small Fish for their awesome burger models.
Credit to Ape Tavern for their stylized fire particle.
Credit to Facepunch for their fantastic chair.
Credit to Miss Schwifty for the plate.


5 Days Ago
I see a big insporation from one of "2D" games :)
27 Days Ago
Great game, amazing mechanics, some bugs but knowing the devs they'll either fix or push to early access and abandon the game. Very excited to see where this one goes, will continue to test. A little concerned about the plates and why they aren't seafoam green.
A good game with a lot of potential. All the core mechanics work well, but the backdrops and the overall interior of the locations are missing. A bug was encountered in whick to visitors walking towards each other got stuck in the passage and could not pass. ------------------------------------------------------------------------From the wishes that you can add 1) More food additives for burgers (cheese, sauces, chicken and other things that are usually included in burgers); 2) Drinks; 3) and Music, music, music.. (I think this is the most important in such games)
29 Days Ago
30 Days Ago
Very nice Idea! Found a bug: If you have a plate in your hand and left click the plate holder, you pick up a new plate and one of them removes
31 Days Ago
34 Days Ago
36 Days Ago


Plate up some burgers.

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