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Developed for Game Jam 1, Jinroo is a multiplayer game for up to 16 players, inspired by the card game 'The Werewolves of Millers Hollow.' Experience the thrill of deception and strategy as villagers and werewolves clash in this intense battle of survival. Uncover hidden enemies, protect your identity, and outsmart your opponents to emerge victorious. Will you survive the night, or succumb to the darkness lurking within?


The players are divided into two teams: the villagers and the werewolves

The villagers must use their wits to uncover the werewolves hiding among them, while the werewolves must eliminate the villagers without being discovered. 


The game begins with a short phase where each player becomes aware of their randomly assigned role. A player is not aware of the roles of other players. The role also determines the team to which the player will belong.

The first round begins immediately after this phase, and each turn consists of two phases:
The Night phase where the werewolves vote to eliminate a player. Some special roles may be called upon to use their abilities in a predetermined order. Then comes the Day phase.

The Day phase begins with the announcement of the individuals who have died during the night. All players can communicate with each other during this phase. It's a phase of reflection to decide which player will be eliminated through a vote. Then comes the Night phase again.

These two phases alternate until all members of one team are eliminated.


The Villager: Wins with the village. They have no special abilities except for trying to persuade players to vote for someone.

The Witch:   Wins with the village. Every night, she can choose between two potions: the life potion, which saves the victim from the werewolves, or the death potion, which allows her to kill someone. She is limited to one potion of each type.

The Seer:  Wins with the village. Every night, she can inspect a player to learn their role.

The Hunter: Wins with the village.  Before dying, he can choose to shoot a player.

Cupid Wins with the village. During the first round, he can link two players who will become lovers. If one lover dies, the other commits suicide as well. If the lovers are not on the same team, their win condition changes, and they must be the only two survivors.

The Werewolves: Wins with the werewolves. They can vote each night to eliminate a player. Their goal is to not be exposed by the villagers.


Left-Click:  Interaction / Vote / Target a player.
Tab: Toggle the mouse cursor for interacting with the interface.


It is possible to include bots, but they are there only for testing purposes or to start the game solo. They will not provide the same experience as real players.


28 Days Ago
Interesting, but feels laggy
35 Days Ago


Villagers vs. werewolves.

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