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Hi, ThatAbyssEgg here, one of the project's devs. Since the project themself has, well... -certain- problems, I will try to explain those who care about the idea of EiA, and why it is as it is.

Epiphany in ashes should've been a 1x1 PvP game with elements of rogue-like settings. The game is divided into multiple rounds and lasts till one of the players falls.
 - Both players have a limited amount of HP. There is NO way of healing it. To win you'll have to kill your opponent before they kill you
 - The rounds are split in 2 different types. There are PvE rounds, in which the player fights a bunch of NPCs to earn some experience and level up (levelling up should have unlocked new abilities or improved characteristics), and there are PvP rounds, in which players have limited time to deal as much damage to each other as they can.

This project was more of a struggle to create a unique-ish concept, yet either because of our lack of programming experience (none of us had any commercial experience OR made a multiplayer game before) or because of the engine itself (most of our time was wasted trying to figure things out without proper documentation and some troubles of the engine itself), it is as raw as it is. We are thinking about properly polishing it at least when we wouldn't have to fight with git desync between our projects (scene settings never save when we push to the repo), UI problems & desynchronization of the variables between the players themselves (should I even mention that some of our methods sometimes are called twice for an unknown reason, and that a lot of the bugs are fixed by restarting the editor? And by "a lot" I mean A LOT - I'm still not sure if they've been fixed this way lol)

Either way, despite the fact that this project is obviously a failure, it was a pleasure trying to do something new. It's extremely sad for both me and SAYONE to release this project unfinished, but it is what it is. Hopefully in future we would find a will to fix all the mess we've done thoughout these few weeks, but we can't be sure.

Thank you for taking time to check it out, though 💗


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Epiphany in ashes

Mixture of 1v1 PvP & Rogue-like?

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